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Not every situation is black and white, each has its own unique cirXXXXstances that may require thinking outside of any box or prescripted instruction manual. I had asked Steve during our conversation if he felt my request was unreasonable or how he would feel if he were me and had this much time and money invested.

I waited for a return call from Steve after the bike was at the dealer. That would have been perfect for me since I have 2 helmets for both myself and my wife. Three times in an intersection. I am law enforcement and deal with all kinds of complaints on a daily basis.

Don't abuse it, use it as a tool. Unfortunately the dealership did close but my time and experience was enjoyable. Jessica was out of the office but Craigslist dating macon ga was connected with Matt.

A long conversation where we went over everything again. For drivers with old experience driving and looking for a trucking job sign up below and then share the page using the pictures at the top of the page. Respectfully, James Scholljegerdes November 14, at 1: A lengthy conversation after he reviewed the notes.

Are you an owner operator seeking a driver or a driver seeking a job give information about what your looking for [? Click the button and find it on your computer. We do expect the same courtesy and respect that you expect. Levatich, My name is Brian Stone. It will only work wireless once the unit is installed and activated.

They kept the bike for 3 days playing with both the wired and wireless head set. I was again told by Debbie she would take it to her supervisor and get back to me. I spoke with Dave.

I returned to the dealer and they checked everything with the digital tech to confirm everything was properly activated. It would help to show you have a great attitude and work ethic. Though I could obviously have done the install myself I do not yet have a digital tech to activate the product so I let the dealer install it and activate the accessory.

I did bring the bike bake and again had to take an uber home and back when it was completed to pick it up. I then ended the conversation with a simple explanation. I took one for a test drive and I rented one for a day trip.

I was told both Steve and Debbie were out but someone would return my call within 48 hours. So its all about the money not the customer satisfaction? The end result this time was that it was determined as expected that Tech support was initially wrong in saying the system works both ways.

If you are a driver list yourself below, if you are an owner operator find a trucker that is compatible for what you have to offer. The dealer called tech supt. Another problem you will face of course, is that most companies are not going to volunteer or agree upon starting your pay as an experienced driver because your past experience that is not recent.

I was told by the parts counter that once the module and harness were installed you had the option of using either the wired or wireless connection. I was connected with Dominique who transferred me to Debbie.

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We are not talking thousands of dollars, were talking about a few hundred. We work hard just as you do. I did have my second helmet in the tour pack with the wired connection and tried to go back to that helmet for the rest of the trip.

Brian November 28, at Though he was professional in his response and tried not to throw the employer under the bus he did agree there were obvious errors in information provided to me concerning the product. Are there rules and laws? If it costs you 1 sale I will have made my point.Harley Davidson was founded in by William S.

Harley and Arthur Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when Harley designed a cc engine and attached it to a bicycle frame.

Inthe first real motorcycle was created with a cc. Golf Cart Batteries Trojan 8 Volt Chevy Volt Battery Hack Expertpower 12 Volt Battery Golf Cart Batteries Trojan 8 Volt Weight Of A 9 Volt Battery Autozone Motorcycle Batteries 12 Volt The Parallel Hybrid Car does use gasoline fuel at events. Are you interested in adult dating in MACON?

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There are a number of free adult dating sites that allow you to meet local singles in your area. Are you interested in adult dating in MACON? Are you looking for backpage alternatives for online dating? There are a number of free adult dating sites that allow you to meet local singles in your area.

Many ex truckers trying to get back into trucking find themselves either facing low starting salaries or trouble getting hired without recent driving experience.

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Craigslist dating macon ga
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